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Dem Black Mamas Podcast

Hey Mamas & Thanks for listening!

Three things you can depend on in an #DemBlackMamas Episodes
1) Thea Monyee will break into song related to the topic we’re discussing
2) Laughter because we’re just funny AF
3) Honesty. Flaws & All. Because the goal of this journey called #BlackMotherhood is to be whole not perfect This is for Black mamas who believe in magic.  

✨This is for Black Mamas who believe in magic.

✨This is for Black mamas who believe motherhood is not the graveyard of dreams.

✨This is for Black mamas who want to live free this lifetime.

Jan 18, 2021

#DearMama  We have a right to explore all the ways to tap into our freedom.  Motherhood should be an opportunity, an experience, a journey of expansion.  Liberation is about breaking down any barrier that binds you, even borders.  We must always be willing to do whatever AND GO wherever we can to be free this lifetime. 


Church Announcements/Prayer Requests/Praise Reports:

  • We got prayers & praise
  • Thea & Crystal have workshops coming up on January 31st (check the show notes on our website for registration links:

Mac & Cheese:

  • In this episode we talk with Aja Marie the person behind the blog Doing Life Afraid and the voice behind the podcast, She Said We Shed and a former American dreamer, who realized that dream wasn’t hers and ditched everything she and her son hated to pursue everything that lit them up.  That led to long term travel and closer connection with her son.

Black Mama Say:

  • Every Time I Turn Around


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Now let's get free yall & jump into Episode 37 of Dem Black Mamas!